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Lucas headed to Shenington for Rd 8 after recovering from the nasty crash at Whilton 3 weeks prior.

Saturday testing went well with Lucas showing tremendous pace after being out of the kart for 3 weeks whilst he underwent Oxygen chamber and Cryotherapy treatment to speed his recovery.

Heat 1 and 2 went to plan as lucas drove through the main pack to take victory in both. Heat 3 is where the day went very bitter as after Lucas had to pull over to the side of the track, from the lead, as he felt something not right with the kart.

Upon inspection it would seem the kart had been tampered with by outside sources, as all 6 grub screws that hold the axle in place had loosened and fell out of their threaded positions. This caused the axle to move 2 inches to the right causing multiple component damage.

The components damaged we didn't carry in the van so the day had finished and Lucas couldn't race in the final.

Even after the disappointment of the day Lucas still maintains his championship lead.

We would like to thank our team sponsor Elite Capital & Co Ltd for their ongoing support.

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