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Fantastic Return To Whilton Mill

Lucas Blantford Racing Team Announces anotherpodium for Lucas Blantford under the Sponsorship of Elite Capital & Co.

Mr. Adrian Blantford, Principal Manager, Lucas Blantford Racing Team, announced today a fantastic winfor their driver Lucas Blantford in the 45-kart grid at round 6 of the Whilton Mill championship, This came after Lucas receiving some online abuse from fellow drivers showing nothing affects his on track focus.

“A fantastic return to Whilton Mill for Lucas having dominated the timed qualifying, which was in very wet conditions. Taking overall pole position for the heats we never managed to get the kart set up correctly for Lucas. He drove fantastically well and as a team we are jubilantwith the result.” Adrian Blantford said.


Lucas now heads for a 2-week holiday break with his family before returning and carry on his testing and development programme for the second half of the racing calendar. A date also added to his calendar is a European round at Genk in Belgium ion October.

Mr. Adrian Blantford concluded his statement by saying, “Without the help and support from Elite Capital & Co Ltd, both on and off the track Lucas wouldn’t have made the progress he has, and we thank them for this support along with our other partners.”

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