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Race Licence Achieved

Lucas attend Mallory Park race circuit in 24th January to take his ARDS test with The Motorsport School.

To race any saloon car you have to be assessed and past a practical and theory test, having not done any driving in a car since October 2022 due to Lucas's accident this was going to be a massive test for him.

Having completed the theory test Lucas headed out in the new Mrk 7 Ford Fiesta, it took him a couple of laps to get back in the swing of driving and smooth gear change. Once past this he was back in the zone and driving remarkably well considering the time away.

Lucas said " nerves got to me a little to begin with but I used the mental training I've been given and soon calmed down and began to drive like I know I can. It was so much about speed, although we nearly hit 100mph, it was about showing competence which I'm glad I could do. We now have a lot of catching up to do with testing due to the recovery but can't wait.

Lucas now starts a intensive testing phase to get him up to speed behind the wheel.


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