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Huge Accident Ends Season Prematurely

Following a huge accident while testing at Whilton Mill, which involved the Air Ambulance being scrambled, Lucas will miss the last rounds of both Whilton Mill and Shenington Championships, both of which Lucas was in the running to win.

A coming together at the first corner saw Lucas ejected from his kart and thrown over the tarmac for 40 yards, leaving him with two Brocken wrists, concussion and a right knee injury.

Lucas is at present recovering well but said "missing out on the last rounds of these championships is a huge disappointment but I'm looking forward to my recovery and back testing again in our race car"

"Leading the Shenington championship and being 10 points off the leader at Whilton, it's a hard one to take but we will come back stronger. I'd like to thank my team and sponsors for the huge effort all year"

The doctors have stated the recovery period will be around 3 months for Lucas's right wrist to heal, which was the worst break.

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